Who We Are

The Independent Waste Haulers and Recyclers of West Virginia are your hometown trash and recycling collection service. We are the companies located right here in West Virginia that take away the things you throw away to recycling centers, landfills and alternative use sites. We serve both Main Street and the rural back roads of our mountainous state. We are the first line of defense to a healthy community.

Regulated Industry

Due to the massively rural nature of West Virginia – the remote communities, the mountain terrain and the most roads per capita of any state in the country – the Waste Haulers of West Virginia are regulated by the Public Service Commission to ensure that every citizen of our state has service. This is to ensure the public health of all West Virginians.

Some can remember not all that long ago when trash dumps were found over the sides of our beautiful hills, polluting waters (sometimes leading to flooding) and attracting rodents – all of which eventually found their way to nearby homes. The state’s substantial efforts to clean up these sites in the 1970s and 1980s helped reform the image of our state. Today, Waste Haulers are key to maintaining this success by working hand-in-hand with individuals and communities to ensure this does not happen again.

Keeping West Virginia Green

Today, more and more people should separate their recyclables so that the Waste Haulers of our state can keep it out of landfills. Plastic, paper and metal all are recycled in almost every community in West Virginia now and can be made into new products everyday. We encourage the state and its citizens to continue to do more to keep our state and our world a greener, more sustainable place.

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